You’re Awesome Baby

As the editor-in-chief of Yankees Magazine, I have the opportunity to meet athletes,
entertainers and dignitaries from all walks of life.

In this, my Homestand Blog, I will share some of those
experiences with you. You will be given a behind-the-scenes look at what goes
into the making of Yankees Magazine
long before it is printed.

This morning, I accompanied ESPN’s college basketball
aficionado Dick Vitale and his family on a tour of Yankee Stadium. As I
expected, Vitale was as engaging as any celebrity I’ve been around in a long

He spoke to me at length about his work with The V
Foundation for Cancer Research, which was founded by ESPN and former basketball
coach Jim Valvano, and the importance of athletes donating their time and
resources to charity.

“I think it should be mandatory for athletes to give back,”
he said as we walked through the New York Yankees Museum. “That’s what I love
about Derek Jeter. He never forgot where he came from. He treasures every
moment that he wears that uniform, and he gives back through his foundation.”

As Vitale made his way through Monument Park, he stopped at
Babe Ruth’s monument and Mickey Mantle’s monument to pose for photos with his
two young grandchildren.

Throughout the tour, Vitale spoke about the Stadium in the
same way he describes an All-American hoopster — with reverence and excitement.

“It’s a museum that they put a baseball field in the middle
of,” Vitale said. “There are two words that describe it best. It’s electrifying
and magnificent.”

–Alfred Santasiere III

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