That was Close!

I was thrilled when Alex Rodriguez tied tonight’s game with a home run to right field.

But what made me even happier was that I escaped the home run ball unscathed.
During tonight’s batting practice session, Eric Hinske sliced a home run ball that landed in a wall directly behind my seat. Fortunately, I wasn’t in my seat yet. I was instead visiting my Minnesota-based relatives in the seats.
So when A-Rod launched his seventh inning rocket, all I could think about was the batting practice story that my co-workers told me about. With my heart beating out of my shirt, I got lucky again as Rodriguez’ homer landed about five feet below me. (It hit the top of the “Cambria” sign, which is below the press box as you can see in the photo below.)
Needless to say, Jorge Posada’s blast — two batters later — was more enjoyable. It didn’t come anywhere near me, and it gave the Yankees a 2-1 lead in this thriller of a game thus far.
–Alfred Santasiere III
Football Pressbox.jpg

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those were story book HR’s that epitomize the Yankee franchise. Can they possibly give Girardi’s Uniform number …. status!?

Buz –

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