Championship Petigree

The Yankees take the field tonight with a chance to clinch
the ALCS.  If they emerge
victorious on this balmy (58 degrees) night, the Yankees will earn their first
trip to the Fall Classic since 2003.

The excitement in Yankee Stadium reached its zenith when
four-time World Series champion Bernie Williams took the mound to throw out the
game’s ceremonial first pitch.

The Yankees could not have chosen a more appropriate person
to start the night off. Not only is Bernie one of the most popular Yankees ever
and a member of the most recent baseball dynasty, but he also hit game-winning
home runs in two ALCS games (Game 1 in 1996 vs. Baltimore and Game 1 in 1999
vs. Boston).

Someday I’ll probably write a similar opinion about what a
great choice Andy Pettitte is to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.

But tonight I’ll say that Pettitte is the most appropriate
choice to try to get the Yankees back to the World Series. His postseason
experience is second to none. He is tied for the most postseason wins. He has
made more postseason starts than anyone in history, and he has recorded wins in four postseason series clinchers (which is tied for tops among anyone who has ever played
in the majors).

Hopefully Pettitte will add one more win to that last stat

–Alfred Santasiere III

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