Welcoming Party

Today marked the most unique road trip I’ve been on with the New York Yankees.

I’ve been on several trips with the Yankees (and before that, the Miami Dolphins), all of which included flying to the visiting city on a chartered plane.
Because Philadelphia is less than 100 miles from New York, we took buses to Penn Station, and then jumped on a chartered train to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. 
When our buses arrived at New York’s Penn Station, there was over 1,000 Yankees fans surrounding the entrance we went through. The show of support was remarkable and inspiring. I’ve never seen as many flashbulbs outside of a sports venue. As we took an escalator to the train platform, Joba Chamberlain said, “This is what it must have been like for the Beatles.”
After our one-hour trip to Philly, we were greeted by almost as many people as we saw in New York. But the Philadelphia response to our arrival was not as supportive as the outpouring we received in the Big Apple. There were a few Yankees fans in the crowd, and they made their presence known. But in large part, that gaggle of Philly fans was at the train station to remind the Yankees just how hostile they can be. 
From my point of view, it looks like the Yankees will remain as focused as ever tomorrow night, regardless of what the City of Brotherly Love throws their way.
–Alfred Santasiere III

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