October 2009


Three innings of ALDS Game 3 are in the books. As baseball
fans are well aware of, the course of a game can change instantly, but it
appears this contest is shaping up to be a great pitching dual.


Game 2 of the
2009 ALDS between the Yankees and the Twins ended more than 12 hours ago, but I
just put it into perspective.

The next few
innings had the feel of a roller coaster. In the bottom of the tenth, Brett
Gardner (who was pinch running for Jorge Posada) stole second base and then
advanced to third on Joe Nathan’s errant throw into center field. He was on
third base with one out, and a win seemed to be moments away. But Derek Jeter
hit a line drive to Twins shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who caught the ball and
doubled up Garnder at third. Just like that, the inning was over.

Beyond Words

I was impressed with Alex Rodriguez’ performance in the 2009 ALDS before he hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to tie the game.

Now I’m in taken aback. A-Rod just hit one of the most significant homers of his life. Not only were the Yankees losing by two runs in the bottom of the ninth at home, but they were facing Twins All-Star closer Joe Nathan. To hit a home run in that situation is Herculean. Or in baseball terms, moments like that turn great players into legends.  
As exciting as A-Rod’s blast was, seeing his raw emotion as he touched home plate and leaped into the air, was even more thrilling (see photo below). It put the moment into perspective.
–Alfred Santasiere III

Fighting Back

The Yankees have played two postseason games. Derek Jeter
has lifted his team from deficits in both games, and Alex Rodriguez has come
through in the clutch three times.

Heads Up Play — and Fans

A.J. Burnett was dominant in the first three innings of Game
2 of the ALDS against the Minnesota Twins. He allowed one hit and no runs over
the first third of the game.

No run for the Twins. The third out occurred before Young
crossed the plate.


On behalf of Yankees Universe, I would like to congratulate Zachary Lansing, who won two tickets to Game 1 of the ALDS through Yankees Universe “I WANT ALDS Tickets” Daily Draw Sweepstakes.

Zachary attended the game with Katie Hauge (see photo below).
–Alfred Santasiere III
Yankees Universe Ticket Winner - ALDS Game 1.JPG

Star of the Game

Derek Jeter hit a game-tying home run in the second inning.


In my last blog entry, I wrote that it was fitting that
Derek Jeter collected the first Yankees postseason hit at the new Stadium.

Game Time

The anticipation is finally over.

It’s game time!

It’s 6:07 pm on October 6, and the Yankees have just taken the field for their first postseason game in the new Yankee Stadium. They are seconds away from taking on the Minnesota Twins in Game 1 of the 2009 ALDS.

Road Warriors

If you make it out to Game 1 of the ALDS, don’t leave the
Stadium without picking up an Official 2009 ALDS program.

As I witnessed one of Hayes’ baseball lessons with 10-year-old Cameron Long, it
became apparent that Hayes’ contributions to the game go far beyond his time in
the majors.