October 2009

Quick Start

I’m sitting the Yankee Stadium press box, which is heated.
Yet, I’m still cold. After returning from two snowstorms in Minnesota, I
thought I’d get a break from the cold weather, but that’s not the case.

Winner’s Circle

Congratulations to Peter Giannetti [L] and Peter Green [R] on winning tickets to Game 2 of the ALDS through Yankees Universe “I WANT ALDS Tickets Daily Draw Sweepstakes.

What a game they got to experience!
–Alfred Santasiere III

Winner's Circle

Congratulations to Peter Giannetti [L] and Peter Green [R] on winning tickets to Game 2 of the ALDS through Yankees Universe “I WANT ALDS Tickets Daily Draw Sweepstakes.

What a game they got to experience!
–Alfred Santasiere III

California… Here we come!

The Yankees added two runs to their lead in the top of the ninth inning tonight, giving Mariano Rivera a three-run lead to work with.

But I have news for you: Rivera would have been just as calm and just as efficient if he only had a one-run lead. The pressure of the moment didn’t rattle the great Rivera, nor did the deafening noise in the dome. The unruly fan who decided to leave his seat and charge the field — he didn’t even get Mo to flinch. That’s because Rivera is the greatest closer in history, a point that he underscores during each postseason series.
Rivera recorded the final three outs in the Metrodome’s baseball history, completing a sweep of the Twins in the ALDS.
Then the celebration began. In the tiny visiting locker room of the Metrodome, the Yankees doused themselves the champagne — and any other beverages they could get their hands on.
Nick Swisher told me that “this is as good as it gets.” Then he corrected himself.
“We need to win two more series.” That will be as good as it gets.”
–Alfred Santasiere III

That was Close!

I was thrilled when Alex Rodriguez tied tonight’s game with a home run to right field.

But what made me even happier was that I escaped the home run ball unscathed.
During tonight’s batting practice session, Eric Hinske sliced a home run ball that landed in a wall directly behind my seat. Fortunately, I wasn’t in my seat yet. I was instead visiting my Minnesota-based relatives in the seats.
So when A-Rod launched his seventh inning rocket, all I could think about was the batting practice story that my co-workers told me about. With my heart beating out of my shirt, I got lucky again as Rodriguez’ homer landed about five feet below me. (It hit the top of the “Cambria” sign, which is below the press box as you can see in the photo below.)
Needless to say, Jorge Posada’s blast — two batters later — was more enjoyable. It didn’t come anywhere near me, and it gave the Yankees a 2-1 lead in this thriller of a game thus far.
–Alfred Santasiere III
Football Pressbox.jpg


Three innings of ALDS Game 3 are in the books. As baseball
fans are well aware of, the course of a game can change instantly, but it
appears this contest is shaping up to be a great pitching dual.


Game 2 of the
2009 ALDS between the Yankees and the Twins ended more than 12 hours ago, but I
just put it into perspective.

The next few
innings had the feel of a roller coaster. In the bottom of the tenth, Brett
Gardner (who was pinch running for Jorge Posada) stole second base and then
advanced to third on Joe Nathan’s errant throw into center field. He was on
third base with one out, and a win seemed to be moments away. But Derek Jeter
hit a line drive to Twins shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who caught the ball and
doubled up Garnder at third. Just like that, the inning was over.

Beyond Words

I was impressed with Alex Rodriguez’ performance in the 2009 ALDS before he hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to tie the game.

Now I’m in taken aback. A-Rod just hit one of the most significant homers of his life. Not only were the Yankees losing by two runs in the bottom of the ninth at home, but they were facing Twins All-Star closer Joe Nathan. To hit a home run in that situation is Herculean. Or in baseball terms, moments like that turn great players into legends.  
As exciting as A-Rod’s blast was, seeing his raw emotion as he touched home plate and leaped into the air, was even more thrilling (see photo below). It put the moment into perspective.
–Alfred Santasiere III

Fighting Back

The Yankees have played two postseason games. Derek Jeter
has lifted his team from deficits in both games, and Alex Rodriguez has come
through in the clutch three times.

Heads Up Play — and Fans

A.J. Burnett was dominant in the first three innings of Game
2 of the ALDS against the Minnesota Twins. He allowed one hit and no runs over
the first third of the game.

No run for the Twins. The third out occurred before Young
crossed the plate.


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