Huge Inning for CC

The fifth inning was huge for CC Sabathia.

The Yankees had an early 2-0 lead, and then the Phillies
tied the score at two in the fourth.

The Yankees came right back and scored two more runs on hits
by Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon in the top of the fifth.

With a 4-2 lead, Sabathia got into trouble in the bottom of
the fifth inning against the top of the Phillies order. Sabathia gave up a lead
off single to Jimmy Rollins and walked Shane Victorino before the first out was

Staring down the heart of the Phillies lineup (Ryan Howard,
Chase Utley and Jayson Werth) after already having thrown 75 pitches — on only
three days rest — was Sabathia’s greatest challenge of the night thus far. It
also represented the Phillies best chance so far to put together a huge inning.

But Sabathia dug deep. He got Utley and Howard to hit weak
pop outs into Jeter’s glove, and he struck out Werth.

Sabathia’s comeback in the fifth preserved a two-run lead, and
moved the game one inning closer to Mariano Rivera. In my opinion, it was the most important inning of Sabathia’s Yankees career.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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