Hideki Matsui just gave the Yankees a 2-0 lead in Game 6 of
the 2009 World Series with a two-run home run off Pedro Martinez.

I think it’s safe to say that Matsui, who now has four home
runs in the 2009 postseason, and is posting a .308 batting average with nine
RBI in the World Series, has quietly had a significant impact this postseason.

Matsui’s two home runs in this World Series came in big
spots, and both came off Martinez.

Matsui’s success this postseason does not surprise me, even
though his pundits in the media wrote him off in the
regular season, let alone the pressure-packed playoffs.

But Matsui hit 28 home runs in the regular season and he is
as calm as any player I’ve been around, and as fundamentally sound as any
player in the game today.

Martinez has been lauded in the this Series for his savvy ways. The problem Martinez has had with Matsui stems from the fact that Matsui is just as smart at the plate. He doesn’t swing at any bad pitches, and he makes pitchers pay for mistake pitches.

Matsui also has a postseason track record. In the 2004 ALCS,
he collected a major league record nine extra base hits against Boston. I don’t
look back on that series with fond memories, but I will always remember
thinking, “they can’t get Matsui out.”

Matsui is a winner, and he proved it again tonight.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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