Canyon of Heroes

the reasons I hoped to be in the Yankees front office when the team won a
championship is because I wanted to ride through New York City’s Canyon of
Heroes during a World Series victory parade.

I wanted
to know what that felt like.

life-long dream came true on Friday (Nov. 6). Along with several of my
co-workers, I rode up Broadway to City Hall on a New York City Duck Boat, which
is used primarily to show tourists the sites of Manhattan.

I arrived
at Yankee Stadium at 7:00 am, took a chartered bus to Battery Park at 8:00 am,
and boarded the Duck Boat at around 9:30 am. Finally, at 11:00 am, we began the
most memorable ride of our lives. Before we even moved a foot, I could hear the
roar of the crowd. Then, as we traveled north, the sites matched the

addition to the sea of people lined along Broadway, every window of every
building was filled with fans. There were people on top of scaffoldings,
telephone polls, and there was even a priest cheering us on from one of those
buckets that you usually see tree trimmers working from. The priest, who was in
front of the Trinity Church, was about 50 feet off the ground.

When we
passed various cross streets, the crowds extended as far as my eyes could see
— seven or eight blocks. The people at the far end certainly could not see us,
but they wanted to be part of the day.

Of the
1.5 million people in attendance, I was determined to see and to wave one
person in particular — my wife, Tiana. I knew where she was, and
she had a description of my Duck Boat. But in the massive sea
of onlookers, that didn’t guarantee anything. However, when we
passed the corner of Murray and Broadway, I heard her voice,
and we waved to each other for a few seconds.

I will
remember those precious seconds for the rest of my life. As I told
Tiana after the parade, I may not think about that time every day of my life, but there won’t be a week that goes by when it won’t cross my mind.

outpouring of love and passion for the Yankees from New Yorkers proves two
things that I was already pretty sure of. The first is that New York is
the greatest city in the world, and the second is that Yankees fans are the
greatest fans in the world.

–Alfred Santasiere III 


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