Back to School

On November 21, I held a book signing  at my alma mater, Misericordia University, and it was one of the best days of my career with the Yankees.

About a week before the book signing, in which I autographed copies of Yankee Stadium: The Official Retrospective and The Final Season: The Official Retrospective, I was given permission from Yankees executives to bring the 2009 World Series Trophy with me to Dallas, Pennsylvania. That’s where I earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and it is located about two hours north of Philadelphia and about a half hour from Scranton.
After publicizing the event in the days leading up to Nov. 21, I traveled to the school with my wife, two members of the Yankees security detail and a photographer.
I was surprised and elated by the turnout. There was almost 500 people assembled inside and outside of the University’s athletic center when we arrived.
My book signing was the first of many events where fans will have the opportunity to get an up-close look at the Yankees 2009 World Series Trophy. But for me, the experience of bringing the trophy to Misericordia University, a place that I am so proud to be associated with, will always serve as a very special memory. 
I will never forget the nearly 500 smiles I saw as Yankees fans of North East Pennsylvania caught a glimpse of baseball’s greatest medal. 
–Alfred Santasiere III
Trophy 2.jpg
Trophy 1.jpg

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Alfred Santasiere III’s blogs are great. Even more impressive are the publications he put together, Twenty-Seven and the 1923-2008 Retrospective. They’re an incredible piece of history, well-documented with beautiful photos and awesome reporting. I recommend everyone get a copy for themselves. If friends and family fawn over it, tell them to get their own!
This man is going far!

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