On Feb. 19, Yankees Senior Vice President of
Marketing Debbie Tymon, who is a third-generation resident of Stanford,
Connecticut, escorted the World Series to the Connecticut State House, located
in Hartford.

Upon arriving at the State House, our group was greeted by Connecticut Gov.
Jodi Rell in the governor’s office.

Gov. Rell invited members of her staff and their families into her spacious
confines to pose for photographs with the trophy, while also showing the
hardware off to her grandson in Colorado via a web-cam.

During the time we spent in the Governor’s office, I spoke with Rell about the
vast number of Yankees fans in a state that is geographically located between
Boston and New York.

“Connecticut is a state that has a dividing line,”
Rell said. “We’ve pinpointed the area along I-84, which splits Yankees fans to
the south and Boston fans to the north. But regardless of that, we are thrilled
that the championship trophy is here, and we are excited to celebrate with our
neighbors to the south.

I guess Rell knew what she was talking about.

“This trophy is absolutely beautiful,” Gov. Rell
said. “This is a memorable moment for me and for everyone who will get to see

–Alfred Santasiere III


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