Trophy goes to Supreme Court and Senate

April 27, 2010 — Today was another rewarding day in the nation’s capital.

A day after the Yankees’ trip to Walter Reed Medical Center and the White House, I accompanied Assistant GM Jean Afterman — and the 2009 World Series Trophy — to the Supreme Court, where we were welcomed by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
After a brief tour of the courthouse, the trophy was put on display in a large conference room. From the minute Sotomayor entered the room, she posed for photographs with members of her staff, the Yankees contingent and other Supreme Court employees. Even Justice Clarence Thomas took time to meet Yankees brass.
Sotomayor, who was born and raised in the shadows of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, could not have been more giving of her time and could not have been a more gracious host.
“Justice Sotomayor is a warm person,” Afterman said. “She’s a huge Yankees fan and supporter of the Bronx and New York. She feels keenly about her moment and place in the world and in history. She carries that with her into the Supreme Court, and she’s a voice that is heard.
“She greeted everyone that came to see the trophy, and hundreds of people were there,” Afterman continued.
My personal highlight came when I presented the Justice with a  copy of my latest book, Twenty-Seven. Sotomayor thanked me for the book, and promptly asked me to autograph it for her. Of course, I signed the book. I was honored that someone of Sotomayor’s stature — and someone who will have a prominent place in American history books — wanted my autograph. 
From the Supreme Court, we traveled a few blocks away and arrived at the United States Capital at 1:00 pm. The World Series trophy was put on display in the United States Senate dining room, and several injured soldiers from Walter Reed Medical Center posed for photos with the championship hardware.
Stay tuned because the Washington, D.C. portion of the World Series Trophy Tour rolls on tomorrow.
–Alfred Santasiere III

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