Play of the Year… so far

May 18, 2010 — With all the drama
that took place in the Yankees gutty win last night, one out got lost in the

One spectacular out, which was
recorded by Mark Teixeira in the fifth inning. Phil Hughes had just given up a
three-run home run to J.D. Drew and he was on the ropes — admittedly not having
his best stuff — but holding on to a one-run lead.

The Red Sox next hitter, Kevin
Youkilis, hit a pop fly to the area behind first base in foul territory. The
ball’s trajectory made it appear as if it was going to land a foot or two in
front of the wall that separates the seats from the field and about 20 yards
behind first base (clearly a long run was necessary for Teixeira to get to the

Right off the bat, Teixeira turned
around and sprinted toward the ball, tracking it perfectly and getting to it
just before it landed. Because the ball was so close to the wall, Teixeira had
to slide as he snagged it. And the first baseman had to make an
over-the-shoulder grab, which he made look easy.

Teixeira made plenty of highlight
reel catches last season, en route to his third Gold Glove Award. But, in my
opinion, the one he made last night was his best in pinstripes. When the ball
was hit, it didn’t look catchable. Not even if nine-time Gold Glover Don
Mattingly was out there. But Teixeira got there, and he made it look easy.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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