Silver and Black

July 4, 2010 — I spent a few hours with Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable and his family before today’s game. I brought the group on a tour of the Stadium, which included monument park and the Yankee Stadium Museum.

The coach, who is from a small town in Washington, is a loyal Yankees fan.
“When I moved to Seattle, I was two years old,” Cable explained. “And they didn’t have a major league team there yet. In the second grade, my teacher sent our class to the library, and I took home a book called the Bronx Bombers. Since that day, I have always been a Yankees fan. I’ve studied them, and I have always loved what they stood for.”
In a “Five Minutes with…” segment that will be published in the September issue of Yankees Magazine, you will †find out who Cable’s favorite Yankees players are, as well as what other baseball landmarks he and his family visited during their trip to New York.
For now, I will leave you with Cable’s brief description of another iconic owner in the sports world — Al Davis. Like George M. Steinbrenner III, Davis celebrated a birthday today, turning 81.

“The first thing you have to understand about Al is that
everything he does is about winning,” Cable said. “Al’s passion for winning is apparent in
everything he does. The best way to describe what it is like to be the Raiders
head coach for Al Davis, is that your life is wrapped around winning, and that
is only thing you think about.”

–Alfred Santasiere III



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