Swish’s Time

July 22, 2010 — When I deliver copies of each issue of Yankees Magazine to Nick Swisher, he usually asks the same question.

“When am I going to be on the cover of this thing?”
Well, Swish, your time has come. 
Nick Swisher will be on the cover of the September issue of Yankees Magazine. And today, Swisher posed for a series of photos that were taken by Yankees team photographer James Petrozzello. 
The first group of photos were taken in Yankee Stadium’s auxiliary clubhouse, where Petrozzello took several portrait shots of Swisher — who smeared quite a bit of eye-black on both cheeks in an attempt to achieve a look that is as gritty as his play.
Petrozzello took the second group of photos in the Stadium’s bleacher section.
Swisher, who salutes the bleacher creatures at the start of every game, had never visited those seats until today. Once he got there, he didn’t want to leave.
“What a view,” the right fielder said. “If I was a fan, this is the only place I would want to sit.” 
–Alfred Santasiere III

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