Another Team Photo in the Books

August 3, 2010 — The 2010 New York Yankees posed for their annual team photo today.

While I enjoy coordinating the logistical preparations of the photo, team photo day (and week) usually doesn’t come without a good deal of stress.
However, things went smoothly this year. There were no weather issues — as opposed to virtually every other year I’ve been on the job. The Yankees team photographers were ready with plenty of time to spare, and most importantly, the players were on the field and eager to get it done.
Well, all of the players except for Alex Rodriguez — who I had to step in for at the last minute (as you see in the photo below). I’m standing next to Joba Chamberlain, who yelled out, “Al is filling in for Al. Everything is going to alright!”
Anyway, I will let you in on the worst kept secret in team photo history. When you see the photo in one of the next issues of Yankees Magazine (either September or October) — you’ll see A-Rod in the shot, and it will look like he was really there. 
The men and women of Grandstand Design — the New Jersey firm that designs Yankees Magazine — are very talented. If you don’t believe me, check out A-Rod in the 2010 team photo.
–Alfred Santasiere III

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