A-Rod 600 Commemorative Issue

August 6, 2010 — Within minutes of Alex Rodriguez’ 600th home run, a special commemorative issue of Yankees Magazine went on sale at Yankee Stadium.

The collectible piece features a story on A-Rod’s hitting philosophy as well as a look back at his previous career accomplishments and a column about his place in history.
Each copy in this very limited edition — there are only 6,000 in existence — was authenticated by Major League Baseball officials. In other words, the cover of each copy features a sticker, which certifies that it was purchased at Yankee Stadium — the site of A-Rod’s 600th home run.
There is a limited number of this special magazine left, so if you’re going to be at Yankee Stadium this weekend, be sure to pick your copy.
After the game on August 4, I personally delivered three copies to A-Rod (see photo below), and he asked me when they would go on sale. When I told Rodriguez that the publication went on sale within moments of his 600th home run landing in a net above Monument Park, he responded, “that’s amazing.”
Well, A-Rod, 600 home runs deserves a publication that is “amazing,” and at Yankees Magazine, we believe that we’ve accomplished that.
–Alfred Santasiere III
A-Rod 600 -Authentication - Blog.jpg

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