Jason Taylor Visits Yankee Stadium

September 5, 2010 — New York Jets linebacker Jason Taylor and his family were at the Yankees game yesterday, and Taylor will be the subject of a Five Minutes with… interview in the October issue of Yankees Magazine.

Alex Rodriguez, who has a long-standing friendship with the former Miami Dolphins star, escorted Taylor and his sons into the Yankees clubhouse before the game. Taylor and his family also took in batting practice from the the field.
After the Yankees took BP, I interviewed Taylor, who I worked with in 2002 when I was a member of the Miami Dolphins media relations department.
I asked Taylor to discuss A-Rod’s magical 2009 postseason.
“He was unbelievable,” Taylor said. “He’s the best player in the game, and he’s been playing at such a high level for 17 years. As a friend, I was thrilled that he finally got a World Series ring. That’s why he plays the game. You can see the passion and love he has for the game and how seriously he takes it. He silenced a lot of doubters, and I thought that was great.”
Don’t miss the rest of the interview when the October issue comes out.
–Alfred Santasiere III
Jason Taylor - Blog Photo.jpg

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