October 6th, 2010

Just Grand

October 6, 2010 — I could see that classic Yankees “strike” coming!

Well, maybe I got lucky on that last prediction (read my last post if you’re wondering what I am referring to), but the Yankees had Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano on the ropes, even though he had not surrendered any runs prior to the 6th inning.
The lefty’s pitch count was nearing 100, and the Yankees had almost rallied a few times. And lest I forget, it’s October, and that is when the Yankees come back from.
Curtis Granderson capped a four-run inning for the Yankees with a triple that landed at the top of the right-field wall, nearly clearing it. For the Yankees center fielder, who struggled in the first half of the regular season, the go-ahead three-bagger was his biggest hit in pinstripes.
In the moments before Granderson’s triple, the Yankees showed poise, as Alex Rodriguez earned a one-out walk and Jorge Posada collected a two-out single.
Continued poise will be needed tonight if the Yankees are going to make their 4-3 lead stand up. It’s going to be a tough battle from here on out.
–Alfred Santasiere III

Stay Tuned

October 6, 2010 — CC Sabathia and the Yankees are trailing, 3-0, in the fifth inning, but I am optimistic that the Yankees will come back.

Sabathia just capped off his first 1-2-3 inning of the night with a strikeout, and it appears as if he is getting stronger as the night goes on. While a 3-0 deficit is anything but ideal, Sabathia only had one bad frame — the second inning in which he gave up a two-run shot to Michael Cuddyer.
The Twins’ third run was unearned, and in my opinion, somewhat of a baseball rarity. Orlando Hudson advanced from first to third on a ground ball out to Mark Teixeira at first base. Teixeira made diving stop on the ball — hit by Joe Mauer — but in the time it took the first baseman to dive into first base to record the out, Hudson made it to third.
A few pitches later, Sabathia threw a pitch that Jorge Posada could not handle. The ball bounced off the catcher’s mitt, allowing Hudson to cross the plate.
If Sabathia keeps the lead where it is, I believe the Yankees will strike.
–Alfred Santasiere III

Title Defense

October 6, 2010 — In about a few minutes from now,
the first postseason game at Minnesota’s Target Field will be underway. And if
you’re a baseball purist — or a fan at any level — you’re probably counting
down the minutes.

Tonight’s pitching matchup features Yankees ace CC
Sabathia, who went 21-7 this season, against Minnesota’s front of the rotation
hurler Francisco Liriano, who compiled a 14-10 record.

It’s no secret that taking Game 1 is as important
as ever in a best of five series series, and these two great southpaws will
certainly put it on the line tonight. Sabathia was brilliant in the 2009
postseason, going 4-1. It’s difficult to imagine that the Yankees would have
won the World Series without Sabathia.
The team will look to him tonight to win a huge game and to bring back
the vibe that surrounded them last October — one of supreme confidence.

Tonight, the Yankees official title defense begins.
Enjoy the game.

–Alfred Santasiere III