Home Sweet Home

October 16, 2010 – Today’s game was an important one for the
Yankees, as I wrote on this blog earlier today. A win would have given the Yankees
a commanding 2-0 lead in the ALCS, and that would have helped alleviate some of
the pressure that Game 3 holds.

But the Yankees still took one out of two on the road, and
that puts them in an advantages place in this series. They have three home
games to look forward to in a ballpark where there is a decisive home-field

The Yankees are built to win on the road in October, but no
team wins them all on the road. In that same breath, I don’t see Texas as a
team that will deal with the harshness of Yankee Stadium in October very well.
They are talented, but very inexperienced. Tropicana Field – where Texas took
two games in the ALDS – is a far cry from Yankee Stadium.

Cliff Lee will be a tough opponent in Game 3, and his
performance over the last two seasons have garnered a lot of attention. But
let’s remember, the Yankees are countering with Andy Pettitte  — the winningest postseason pitcher in
history, and a guy who has been lights out in the last two Octobers.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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Lee will be tough but a few guys have good numbers against him. Spot on …. the key to getting back on track is Andy. We need a great effort from him and we need the support from the pen in the 7th or 8th innings! The worry is will he be affected by all the time off as it apears CC and Hughs were. With three at home we need to win at least two of three if we are heading back to Tx. Of course we all hope that we take all three in NY and its over!!

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