They Did It Last Night…

October 16, 2010 — Today has been been the Yankees’ day so far.

It’s the top of the sixth, and the Yankees are losing, 7-2. As bad as that seems, let’s not forget that the Yankees were trailing by the same number of runs last night. Most team’s don’t have the determination and ability to come back from a deficit of five runs in a postseason game, but the Yankees do. They proved it less than 24 hours ago.
They can do it again, because they will have the chance to attack a tired Texas bullpen before the sixth inning comes to a close. And just like last night, I expect the Yankees hitters to become very selective in the late innings of this game.
Again, so much of the Yankees hopes falls on the shoulders of their relief pitchers. And so far, they’ve picked up where they left off — Chamberlain stopped another Texas rally and got the Yankees out of the bottom of the fifth.
This one will be a tall order, but the Yankees are a team — one of the only teams in recent times — that can come back.
–Alfred Santasiere III


Posts like this bhrigetn up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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