Redemption Night

October 19, 2010 — A.J. Burnett has a opportunity to do something tonight that most people don’t ever get the chance to do.

If Burnett gives the Yankees a quality start and a win, he will, in many ways, re-write an entire season. Burnett struggled most of the year, accumulating 15 loses. But tonight’s game means more to the Yankees than any of Burnett’s starts this year — or any other pitcher’s starts for that matter.
This is the biggest game of the year for the Yankees. If they win, the ALCS is tied at two games apiece, and if they lose, Texas will have a 3 games to 1 lead.
Burnett is fortunate to have the opportunity to be a hero within the same season in which he has experienced more frustration than any other in his career. I can’t remember a time when that happened before — at least to this extent. I can’t imagine the feeling of redemption and relief Burnett would have if he ties this series.
Now it’s time for Burnett to seize one of the biggest nights — and opportunities — of his career.
–Alfred Santasiere IIII†

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He should have NEVER been in there……………he has not earned a right to be in this year’s post season. Furthermore, he has nearly sealed our fate. Girardi obviously doesn’t think past today and clearly does not have his priorities straight!

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