Tenth Man

October 19, 2010 — If the Yankees can climb back into this game — get a few men on base and put some pressure on the Texas bullpen — Yankee Stadium will come alive. The two go hand-in-hand. If the Yankees can get going in either the eighth or ninth innings, there is no doubt the crowd will do its part. They always do.

As the Yankees await their turn to bat in bottom of the eighth, while trailing, 7-3, Yankee Stadium is quiet, but just like their team, New Yorkers are resilient. This place will be rocking in no time — if the Yanks can get things started.
–Alfred Santasiere III


Well, we didn’t want to go to the World Series anyway, right? Who cares if Girardi disappointed all Yankee fans & stuck Burnett in there (the Rangers must have been having a goold ‘ol laugh when they found out). Makes you wonder what would possess a manager to make such an obviously stupid call like that though, huh? Hey, I guess the good thing is tht CC will get LOTS of extra rest now, won’t he? Boy, can’t wait until Jeter takes over that manager role!!

Dear Mr Cashman: I have been a Yankee fan for a long time. Even though I am not a GM or Manager, I would like to comment on some of the players we have. AJ was a total bust. Vasquez is another disaster and Chamberlin is another disaster. Posada can’t hit anymore and has problems throwing out players. If you can make a package up and unload these guys I think you could get a quality pitcher and starter. From a fan’s point of view, they don’t deserve to wear the Yankee pinstripes anymore.

I must admit that we are concerned that the Yankees have never publicly expressed condolences at the passing of Tommy Henrich.
Tommy was a wonderful and caring guy.
It would be nice if the Veteran’s Committee would consider him for the Baseball Hall of Fame.
All one is required to do is check his playing record, all star selections (in an 8 team league) and factor in time lost for military service!
It would have been appreciated if Tommy had been at least honoured with a sleeve patch during the 2010 season.
I knew Tommy, and was always impressed by both his love for not only baseball but also for his beloved New York Yankees.
Thank you.
Jack Naylor.

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