Hostile Atmosphere. Who Cares?

October 22, 2010 — Game 6 is here. If I wrote anything about it being loud prior to or during ALCS Game 1 or 2 last week, I didn’t know how wild it could get in North Texas.

The crowd has not sat down thus far, and prior to the game, they cheered when the rain blew through and when it started. It really didn’t matter; they just wanted to make noise.
The Yankees are coming off a do-or-die win in Game 5 at Yankee Stadium, and I truly believe they have an advantage tonight. Phil Hughes got roughed up in Game 2 — last Saturday in Texas — †and Colby Lewis shut the Yankees down in that same contest.†
But, the last time the Yankees had faced Lewis prior to Game 2 was… in 2003. That made for a unique challenge that the Yankees won’t have again tonight.
As for the hostile atmosphere in this ballpark, well, what else would you expect? It’s an elimination game. But I don’t think that will play much of a factor in this game because the Yankees have a laundry list of players who have been in this spot and won — and the Rangers don’t.
–Alfred Santasiere III

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can you tell me who was instrumental in shifting Mickey Mantle from ss to the outfield Thank You

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