Inspired Journey

October 22, 2010 – The Yankees followed a World Series
championship with a 96-win season and a postseason run that took them to within
two games of the World Series.

While the Yankees goal each and every year is to win the
World Series — not to get within a few games of the Fall Classic — it should be
noted that the Yankees 2010 journey was a courageous one.

In the season our organization lost its leader, George
Steinbrenner, and the voice of Yankee Stadium, Bob Sheppard, the team played inspired
baseball, game in and game out.

Additionally, Joe Girardi’s lineup was constantly changing
because of significant injuries to Andy Pettitte, Curtis Granderson, Nick
Johnson, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira (earlier this week), along with
season-ending injuries to Damaso Marte and Alfredo Aceves.

But the Yankees found ways to win. They found contributors
in the farm system, and they took the AL East race to the final game of the
regular season.

In the end, the Texas Rangers were an opponent the Yankees
could not overcome. And while it’s hard to accept defeat, especially after
living through a magical season in 2009, nights like this make me appreciate
just how special winning a championship is. It doesn’t come every year – even
for the Yankees. It’s an elusive goal, but it’s one that the Yankees are
constantly in pursuit of. Because of the people who are in place — on the field
and in the front office — I am confident that we’ll be contending for the AL
pennant in 12 months from now.

And with a little luck and something to prove, the end
result might just remind everyone of 2009.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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