Music and Sports Lore Unite. Paul McCartney Performs at Yankee Stadium.

July 16, 2011 — Last night’s concert was as magical as it was electric.

As I watched Paul McCartney belt out 27 Beatles songs from my seat in right field, I realized it was as true a Beatles experience as anyone in my generation could ever have. I was born in 1979, one year and nine months before John Lennon’s murder.

Last night, my wife Tiana and I witnessed Paul McCartney singing a set list that included Hello, Goodbye; Paperback Writer; The Long and Winding Road; Hey Jude; Yesterday and All My Lovin.’

The atmosphere was electric. The crowd was into every song, and the fans on the field rarely sat in their seats. Several times during the concert, the Stadium erupted in chants of McCartney’s name, which mimicked the role-call chant at Yankees games … Paul Mc – Cartney!

McCartney also acknowledged the setting as he offered a timely and timeless joke.

“By the way, who is this Derek Jeter guy,” McCartney said. “Somebody said he’s got more hits than me.”

The night was magical because it saw McCartney perform in New York, the first city the Beatles played in on United States soil. And 46 years after the Beatles took the stage at Shea Stadium, the greatest sports franchise in the world and the most famous band in history – or at least one key part of that band – were finally united.

The New York Yankees have now hosted Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney has now performed at Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere was electric, the songs were magical, but more importantly, the event was historic.

As tonight’s show rapidly approaches, I can only imagine how magical Yankee Stadium will become again.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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