Autumn in the Bronx

October 1, 2011 – For those of you who have read this blog during spring training or the regular season, I appreciate your interest. I have tried to bring you behind the scenes on every experience that I believe to be interesting enough to share.

I hope some of the stories you’ve read on this blog in 2011 have compelled you to pick up a copy of Yankees Magazine at the Stadium, to subscribe to Yankees Magazine or to simply continue to read about the people I’ve been fortunate enough to interview.

All of my blog entries since the 2010 postseason have previewed Yankees Magazine features and provided the back story on my time with the subjects of those pieces. But as the 2011 Postseason begins, I am going to shift the focus, and begin to share my perspective on the action on the field with you.

I am writing this entry from the press box in Yankee Stadium, where Game 1 has just begun — or should I say — resumed.

After last night’s rainstorm, the temperature has dropped more than 10 points to a cool (and windy) 55 degrees. CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander will not be on the mound tonight for their respective teams, but if the first two frames of the action are an indication of what to expect, Game 1 just might be the pitcher’s dual everyone expected it would be.

Yankees Rookie of the Year candidate Ivan Nova has shut the Tigers out in the third, fourth and fifth innings, striking out Miguel Cabrera to end the fourth and getting out of trouble in the fifth with a Curtis Granderson to Derek Jeter to Russell Martin play at the plate.

I’m encouraged by Nova’s command, and I am impressed with his poise. As the case has been all season, Nova doesn’t show the characteristics of a rookie. He’s confident, and he’s relaxed. He was joking with teammates before what is his first postseason action, and he has pounded the strike zone thus far. Of the 40 pitches he’s thrown so far, 28 of them have been strikes.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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