Vintage Pettitte

October 8, 2012 — Andy Pettitte didn’t get the win in Game 2 of the ALDS, but he certainly gave a memorable effort.

The 40-year-old battled a tough Orioles lineup on a cold night (52 degrees at game time) in a difficult environment for seven plus innings.

Pettitte yielded three runs and put his team in a position to win the game. If Pettitte continues to pitch the he did last night and if CC Sabathia continues to throw the ball as well as he did in Game 1, the Yankees will have as good of a chance to go deep in the playoffs as any team in baseball.

What impressed me most about Pettitte, is what I have always been in awe of — his level of calm in the most intense situations. For anyone who has watched Pettitte win big game after big game through the years, you know that what you witnessed in Game 2 was Vintage Pettitte. He has the same look on his face as he did all those years ago in the 1996 World Series and again in the 2009 World Series. He peered over his mitt and stared down batters, and then he found the way to get hitters out time and time again.

In last night’s game, the Orioles leadoff hitters reached base on errors in the fourth and fifth innings. Pettitte came back in each of those frames to get out of trouble and to not allow a single run to score. Pettitte gave up back to back hits to start the sixth inning, including a leadoff double. Again, he made good pitches when he need to the most, and only one run scored.

After the Yankees Game 2 lose, the ALDS comes back to Yankee Stadium for the duration, and if you’re a Yankees fan, you have to be happy that they’re coming home for three consecutive games and that they already won one game on the road.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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