It All Comes Down to This…

October 12, 2012 – The Yankees entered last night’s game with a chance to close out the ALDS against Baltimore, and after a 13-inning affair, the Orioles were still alive.

While the Yankees and its fan base would certainly have preferred to be resting today and getting ready for the next opponent, Game 5 brings with it some rare opportunities.

Anytime a player leads their team to victory in a winner moves on, loser goes home game, it’s special. It’s dramatic, and it leaves an indelible mark on baseball.

For fans of each team, Game 5 (or Game 7 in ALCS and World Series play) provides a rush that no other games can bring. The Yankees have played 166 games this season, and when you count spring training, they’ve been on a baseball diamond nearly every day for nine months. And it all comes down to tonight’s game.

So far, the Yankees offense has struggled to get on base, but as expected CC Sabathia has carried the Yankees. Through five innings of work, Sabathia has only allowed two base-runners and no Oriole has advanced past first base. The big lefty has thrown 50 pitches, and 35 of them have been strikes.

The Yankees and Orioles’ fate will be decided in the next four innings of baseball, and if you consider all that’s happened in 2012 to this point, you can’t help but get a three-hour long adrenaline rush on days like this.

–Alfred Santasiere III

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