Cruising through Bermuda’s Hamilton Harbor

January 8, 2013 – On the third day of the trip to Bermuda with Curtis Granderson, we again received some VIP treatment and got to see much of the island.

At 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, Granderson and his friends, Yankees team photographer James Petrozzello and my family and I boarded Holding Firm 11, which is a 40-foot modern classy Searay boat, and we cruised through Hamilton Harbor for almost two hours.

The cruise enabled us to see about half of the island from the water including the capital city of Hamilton. As we cruised past mansion after mansion, the boat captain, Damian Tucker, educated us on the history of influential business people who have lived in Bermuda or who are currently property owners, including New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg along with Warren Buffett and Ross Perot.

While the mansions were fun to look at, the sunset that we were graced with in the last half hour of the boat ride was unforgettable. And, the glow of the setting sun off the water enabled Petrozzello to capture yet another unique and special photo of Granderson (below), which will be published in the May Issue of Yankees Magazine.

–Alfred Santasiere III



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