High Above Bermuda

January 8, 2013 – On the second day I was in Bermuda with Curtis Granderson, we went on a sightseeing adventure that few tourists ever get to experience.

Roger Trott, who is a member of the concierge staff at Tucker’s Point resort, and who regularly shuttles guests from the resort to the beach on a golf cart, brought us to the top of one of Bermuda’s tallest mountains.

We began the trip at the resort, weaved through the Tucker’s Point golf course and made our way up the approximately 1,000-foot mountain, which is referred to as The Tower, on a slippery and muddy road.

Trott led the way in a golf cart carrying Granderson and his friends, and my 5-year old son Alfred (who sat on my lap) and I drove the second cart, which carried Yankees team photographer James Petrozzello and my wife Tiana.

Two water towers, each of which stand about 35-feet high are located at the mountain top, and in order to see the best view that the island has to offer, you have climb a ladder to the top of the one of the water towers.

Without hesitation, Granderson followed Trott to what seemed like the top of the world, and the rest of our group was not far behind.

Before I took my first step up, I could hear Granderson’s reaction to the view.

“Wow,” he shouted. “This alone was worth the trip to Bermuda.”

I soon realized that he was correct. The view was stunning, and what was most impressive about it was that we could see the entire island from up there.

Before we climbed back to the ground, Petrozzello snapped the photo of Granderson below.

–Alfred Santasiere III


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