5 Minutes with Martin Brodeur

February 19, 2013 – I was fortunate enough to spend some time with a living legend last week.

I attended a New Jersey Devils practice and interviewed Martin Brodeur in the locker room afterward. Brodeur, who is the NHL’s all-time leader in wins, saves and shutouts, was a big reason why the Devils have won three Stanley Cups since 1995. Brodeur has also helped Canada take home two gold medals in Olympic competition.

In the interview, which will be published in the May Issue of Yankees Magazine, I asked the 41-year-old goalie what his most valuable keepsake is.

“Believe it or not, I have two hole in ones, and those golf balls are at the top of this list,” said Brodeur, who has saved sticks from each of the 205 playoff games he has started and pucks from each of his 120 shutouts. “The golf balls are a big thing for me, because I don’t consider myself to be very good at golf, and so getting two hole in ones is incredible.

“My gold medals are pretty cool, as well,” Brodeur continued. “I have smaller replicas of the Stanley Cup, and they are important to me because they represent what we did as a team.”

I also spoke to Brodeur about Mariano Rivera, who the goalie has often been compared to.

In my opinion, Rivera and Brodeur are two of a kind. They are the most rare and special type of athletes in that they have dominated their respective sports from the time they were in their early ’20s through their 40th birthdays and beyond. Their statistics and level of play have remained consistent for nearly twenty years, and no-one has been as good as Rivera or Brodeur at their respective positions. It’s difficult to imagine that we’ll see one — let alone two — athletes like Brodeur or Rivera for a long time.

“You have to be durable in order to stay on top for so long,” Brodeur said. “That’s what I think is amazing to me about Mariano. There are so many guys who want your job, and to be able to keep it, and to be the best at it for so long, is incredible. Mariano and I have that drive inside of us to stay on top. That makes us a little different than everyone else.”

–Alfred Santasiere III




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