Team Photo Day – 2013

August 15, 2013 – Yesterday afternoon, Yankees chief photographer Ariele Goldman Hecht took the 2013 New York Yankee team photo at Yankee Stadium. The photo will be published in the October Issue of Yankees Magazine – as that edition’s poster.

Unlike so many of the other team photos I have worked to coordinate, the weather was not an issue today. This year’s photo was not taken on a rainy day or even on a cloudy day. Instead, it was 75 degrees on the field at 4:00 pm, and the sun was shining brightly on the team.

It was so bright, in fact, that within a few seconds, it became difficult for the players and coaches to look into the camera for more than about ten seconds. With less time to work with than Yankees photographers have had in the past, Hecht had to work quickly and efficiently.

“You want to do it right but you don’t want to make the players uncomfortable from the natural sun light and the lights from the flash,” Hecht said. “In the end, the result was exactly what we wanted.”

–Alfred Santasiere III


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