Homecoming for Andy Pettitte

September 27, 2013 – Following last night’s game at Yankee Stadium, I traveled with the team to Houston to chronicle the final game of Andy Pettitte’s career for the cover story of the October Issue of Yankees Magazine. I will also be covering a meet-and-greet and pre-game ceremony with Mariano Rivera this weekend for a special section in the 2014 New York Yankees Official Yearbook.

Pettitte will take the hill for the final time on Saturday night. Tonight, the Astros honored Pettitte in the middle of the fifth inning. The team for which Pettitte played from 2004 through 2006, presented him with his No. 21 Astros jersey.

It was a nice moment for Pettitte, who tipped his hat to the crowd of 29,486 at Minute Maid Park, as they gave him a lengthy standing ovation. While the crowd applauded Pettitte, every player in the Yankees dugout and Astros dugout emerged and clapped for the legendary lefty.

For Pettitte, Saturday night’s start will be hugely sentimental. After pitching a gem in his last game in New York, he will be pitching the last game of his life in the place where he pitched the first game of his life. Pettitte was raised in Houston, and he still lives there today. With the Yankees season ending in Houston, Pettitte’s baseball journey will be coming full circle, and I’m confident he will leave us in awe on Saturday night.

–Alfred Santasiere III


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