5 Minutes with Dr. J

February 26, 2014 – Last September, I conducted an interview with basketball legend Julius Erving for a “5 Minutes with…” feature, which was published in the Spring Issue of Yankees Magazine.

In the 20-minute conversation, which took place at the Joe Namath – March of Dimes Celebrity Golf Tournament, Dr. J spoke about several topics including the inspiration behind his acrobatic style of play.

“Elgin Baylor was my single greatest inspiration from the previous generation,” Erving said. “I admired him because he was one of the most acrobatic players in the game. He also had great scoring and rebounding abilities. Connie Hawkins also influenced my style. Those guys created an image in people’s minds, which influenced them to try to do the same things in the driveway or on the playground. I believe that I fit into that category.

At the end of the interview I asked Dr. J to share his thoughts about Derek Jeter.

“Derek Jeter is a special player,” Erving said. “Being from New York, I’ve always had a special appreciation for players who make it there. Derek has always measured up to the challenges put before him, and he’s been the leader of the Yankees for a long time. He has always stood front and center and represented his team, his family, his community and the game the right way.”

–Alfred Santasiere III


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