Special Fishing Story with Wade Boggs — in the October Issue of Yankees Magazine

By Alfred Santasiere III

October 2, 2015 — On a chilly spring day earlier this year, I joined Wade Boggs on a fishing trip that began in Staten Island, New York. I met the former Yankees third baseman and a few of his friends at a marina, and we quickly boarded Fin Chaser — a 32-foot fishing boat — and set a course for the Atlantic Ocean.

For Boggs and the boat’s captain, the expedition was just one of many that will be seen on a new reality fishing show beginning in January 2016 on Discovery’s Destination channel, the Pursuit Channel as well on as Time Warner Cable’s Sports Channel in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The show, named The Fin Chasers, chronicles Boggs’ pursuit of multiple world records and fishing tournament victories. Boggs broke the world Bluefish record and tied the record for the largest striped bass on the day that he shot the pilot episode.

While I fished with Boggs the entire day, I also chronicled his every move and interviewed him during jaunts from one location on the sea to another, for a feature story in the October Issue of Yankees Magazine.

Although no one on the boat reeled in a world record, we all caught a few bluefish ranging in weight between 5 and 10 pounds.

“I love catching bluefish,” Boggs said. “Even when they are 5 or 10 pounds, they are ferocious. They always give you a fight.”

Although I hadn’t caught a bluefish in several years, I was reminded of how fierce they are as soon as I hooked into one. Making things even more challenging was the light spinning tackle that we were using, and before I caught my first fish of the day, two others broke the line.

When I finally landed a bluefish, Boggs celebrated the accomplishment like we had just won a championship. Not only was the nearly 10-minute battle with the 8-pound fish — during which it swan in just about every direction — memorable, but so was Boggs’ jubilation and the relief that I felt (see photo below). As a longtime angler myself, my desire to catch a fish with Boggs was palpable.

Sometime that afternoon — after a few more fish and a few more cold beers — Boggs called it a day. The Hall of Famer and his group shot a closing scene for that day’s episode in the shadow of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

“Well, we didn’t catch any world records on this trip,” Boggs said. “But we had a great day.”

Check out the entire story, which includes much more detail about Boggs’ fishing adventures, in the October Issue of Yankees Magazine.

— Alfred Santasiere III

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