Unique Story about Andy Pettitte (from his South Texas Ranch) — in the August Issue of Yankees Magazine

By Alfred Santasiere III

August 3, 2015 — Around Christmastime, I traveled to South Texas to spend a day with Yankees great Andy Pettitte on his ranch for a story that will be published in the August Issue of Yankees Magazine.

I’m proud of the feature because it’s the product of unparalleled access into Pettitte’s life today. It includes anecdotes and photos that show Pettitte in a very different light.

During my day on the ranch — which has a 16-mile perimeter — I accompanied Pettitte and his family and friends on a deer hunting expedition.

“This is one of the most beautiful places in the world,” Pettitte said on the chilly morning. “When I sit on our back porch and look out onto the land, it feels surreal. This is my happy place. There’s nothing I love more than hanging out with my family and friends here.”

After the successful morning hunt, the group gathered for breakfast, and it was great to witness the enthusiasm that everyone shared.

“When everyone’s here, it’s more fun for me to just watch the kids hunt,” Pettitte said. “Just seeing the excitement in their eyes is pretty cool.”

Pettitte and the group would go back out for an afternoon hunt but not before the father of four played catch with his two oldest sons, who are pitchers at the high school and collegiate levels, respectively.

“When people ask if I would ever try to make another comeback, I just laugh,” Pettitte said as he lobbed a baseball back to one of his kids. “Even if I wanted to, I got nothing left.”

Enjoy the complete story, in the August Issue of Yankees Magazine.

— Alfred Santasiere III

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