Yankees Magazine Commemorative Home Run Edition — ON SALE NOW

December 5, 2016 — Yankees Magazine Commemorative Home Run Edition is on sale now. This special publication is available at Yankees.com/publications and by calling (800) GO-YANKS. It’s also available at Yankee Stadium and at retailers in and around New York City.

The cover of this tribute to the greatest home runs and the most prolific home run hitters in team history features a classic photo of Babe Ruth. In addition to the image of the Babe, there are smaller action shots of Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Chris Chambliss, Bucky Dent, Reggie Jackson, Aaron Boone, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez — all of whom are featured in the publication.

When putting this commemorative together, we attempted to cover each of the great home run hitters and the players who hit the most iconic home runs differently. For a feature on Ruth, managing editor Jon Schwartz traveled to the Bambino’s hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, and wrote about some of the signature landmarks from his early years. At around the same time Schwartz was in Baltimore, I spent a few days in Boston with Bucky Dent (see blog entry below), where the former shortstop relived his greatest baseball moment.

Days after I got back from Boston, I traveled to Tampa, Florida, to meet up with Derek Jeter for an interview about his epic 2001 home run (see blog entry below).

I returned to Boston in August to cover the final days of Alex Rodriguez’ career, during which time he reminisced with me about several home runs he had hit over the last two decades (see blog entry below).

This publication also includes first-person accounts of two of the biggest home runs hit in franchise history. For a story that we originally published in 2013, I sat down with Aaron Boone in Arizona, and associate editor Hilary Giorgi met up with Chris Chambliss in Scranton, Pennsylvania, this summer. The words of Boone and Chambliss, each of whom sent the Yankees to a World Series with one swing, have added so much to the commemorative.

Lastly, this publication includes a feature that details our top 10 home runs in Yankees history. That’s right: the Yankees Magazine editors have ranked the top 10 blasts hit by Yankees players. While it was a fun and interesting process to vote on the biggest home runs, our list is by no means meant to be a definitive one. As fans of the team, you’re as likely to agree with our picks as you to disagree. But either way, when you pick up this publication, I encourage you to put together your own top 10 list.

Enjoy Yankees Magazine Commemorative Home Run Edition.

— Alfred Santasiere III